If you love gardening, and mad about growing your own fruit & veg, you’ll need some basic tools to get started. The LifeWell 3-Piece set is the basis of our whole tool range, and an essential asset for any avid grower.

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If you love gardening, and mad about growing your own fruit & veg, you’ll need some basic tools to get started. The LifeWell 3-Piece set is the basis of our whole tool range, and an essential asset for any avid grower.

All three tools in this 3-Piece Garden Tool set have heads made from high-quality, lightweight and extremely strong polished aluminum, with tough handles covered by a soft rubber palm grip.

The key benefits of these gardening tools are:

  1. Durable enough for a lifetime of usage. They are rust-resistant, easy to clean and very strong.
  2.  Reduced hand and arm fatigue. Our designers have paid careful attention to the ergonomics of the handles. The handle underside is gently molded to fit the natural position of your fingers when gripping the tools. This means that whilst the handles are large, they still fit snugly in smaller hands. The top side of the handle has a thumb depression enabling additional downward force without extra strain on your hands and forearms.
  3. Easy to spot in your garden. The bright colored handle design ensures they are easy to spot, even from a distance.

Every Set is covered by the LifeWell LifeTime Warranty, simply follow the instructions on the pack to register your purchase, or join our LifeClub for automatic warranty on all participating purchases.

 Your Hand Tool Set Includes:

  1. Garden Trowel: (32cm,209 grams). Perfect for all digging jobs, even in tough rocky, or clay-rich soil.
  2.  Transplanter: (32.5, 215 grams). Deep engravings make it a breeze to read the markings even when dirty.
  3. Cultivator: (32cm, 236 grams). Rigid tines allow you to rip through rooty soil with confidence.

Why buy LifeWell?

  1. This is the top rated garden tool set by Amazon customers customers
  2. Backed by outstanding customer service
  3. Buy with the complete confidence of LifeWell’s LifeTime Warranty


  • “These tools feel extremely durable. They’re made from solid polished aluminum and are rust-resistant, easy to clean and very strong. The metal part of each tool is built all the way into the handle, meaning that unlike other hand tools, these will not bend or snap at the neck. I also love the bright neon splash of color- meaning they’ll be easy to spot in the garden. If you’ve ever spent ages searching for a tool that you know you just laid down for a second right…here…somewhere…you’ll understand what a great feature this is!. “
    Miss Jenna Fuller - Colorado

  • “I am in love with the handles, especially with my aches and pains in my hands and did I mention I have carpal tunnel in one wrist? These ergonomic garden tools have handles that are made for easy gripping and a comfortable hold. It really makes them comfortable to hold and helps reduce the strain on my aching wrist! I love the way they feel in my hand! LifeWell’s gardening tools are also built tough to last without rusting or breaking, but just in case – I love their guarantee!. “
    Dianne Holland - Arkansas

  • LiveWell Garden Products Premium 3-Piece Garden Tool Set is seriously really, really tough! It is going to last my life time & probably be passed down through generations in my family. You also get a lifetime warrenty. That right there tells you how great this product is!!These tools were soo easy for me to use & they did not hurt my weak wrists. These handles are really comfortable & have a great grip. I am so happy with this 3-Piece Garden Tool Set.Everyone has given me compliments on how nice these are! Gardening is so much easier now! Thank You LiveWell Garden Products!. “
    Stephanie Delp - Pennsylvania

  • “I‘m so in love with these tools! Having recently relocated from a tiny NYC apartment to a house with a yard in California I am slowly learning how to garden, starting with some a herb garden and some flower beds. Having last gardened quite a few years ago I remember tools to be heavy and somewhat unyielding, giving me blisters and wrist ache. Not these! They are perfectly weighted, heavy enough to do a good job while light enough to be easily manipulated in ally toes of soil, even the thick clay-like substance around my house.. “
    Jade Hughes - California

  • “In my quest to grow a lot of my own herbs, fruits and veggies I have tried several garden tool sets. And most of them leave my hands aching after using them. Or either rust out and end of having to be thrown away. So when I saw this Premium 3-Piece Garden Tool Set by LifeWell Garden Products a try.  I really appreciate the fact that this Premium 3-Piece Garden Tool Set comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, unlike other sets that I have had to dispose of, this garden set will never rust. Therefore, I will not have to purchase another garden set unless it is by choice. You simply can not beat that at all. “
    Joyce M. Scruggs - North Carolina