3-Piece Garden Hand Tools

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3-Piece Garden Hand Tools

January 21, 2015

3-Piece Garden Hand Tool Gift Set - UPC 820103126236

LifeWell Garden ProductsTM hand tools are must-have essential equipment for any garden enthusiast.

Key Benefits of these garden tools:

  • Durable enough for a lifetime of usage. These solid polished aluminium tools are rust-resistant, easy to clean and very strong. The ‘business end’ of each tool is built all the way into the handle, meaning that unlike other hand tools, these will not bend or snap at the neck, providing you with a lifetime of usage.
  • Reduced hand and arm fatigue. The Soft rubberised grip with ergonomically designed shape fits your hand naturally and enables you to maintain a comfortable wrist position while in use. This means less blisters, less strain on your arms and hands, and you get to keep gardening for longer!
  • Easy to spot in your garden. The bright coloured handle design on your LifeWell Garden ProductsTM tools ensures they are easy to spot, even from a distance.
  • The thoughtfully designed handle grips feel completely natural in your hand, and are suitable for ladies as well as men's hands.

This beautifully packaged gif pack contains:

  • Sturdy hand trowel. Suitable for all small digging jobs in everything from potting mix to hard packed and rocky soil, the GardenWell trowel will get your jobs done fast.
  • Transplanting trowel with graduation engraving. This tool is perfect for those delicate transplanting jobs, with a narrow face and swiftly tapering edge for precision.
  • Hand cultivator. This three-prong tool is the perfect size and weight to loosen surface soil and scrape away shallow-rooted weeds.