About Us

Why Choose LifeWell?

We are committed to Own Grown

At LifeWell our core driving purpose is to help 1 Million people convert to growing their own fruit, vegetables and herbs at home.


The seeds of LifeWell were sown, quite literally, between 2012 and 2014. During this time founder Giles Smith had been building out his kitchen garden in Sydney, Australia. The rocky, clay-rich soil of the area needed considerable working to provide the rich fertile ground needed to grow great fruits and vegetables successfully. Giles quickly became frustrated with the short lifespan of most of the hand tools available for purchase. Hand trowels would snap at the neck, tines would break off forks and rakes, or the stronger steel tools would just rust. Similarly, for tough soils it seemed like little effort had been made to optimise the ergonomics of the handle designs so that hand and wrist fatigue quickly became a problem. Conscious also that in our modern world we are too comfortable with buying cheap breakable tools that all too soon end up in landfill sites, Giles decided it was time for a better way.

In 2014, LifeWell Technologies was founded with the explicit aim of designing and bringing to market high quality, durable, well designed tools that would stand the test of time.  Rigorously tested in the very inhospitable soil that gave rise to the idea, our first garden hand tools went into production in late 2014 under the brand LifeWell Garden Products ™.

No matter which LifeWell product you use, each one is carefully researched and tested with the single goal in mind: to bring you products that last a lifetime. Nothing is ever perfect, but with each new product we aim to get closer to this goal.

In mid 2015, following some interesting discussions with customers, it quickly became apparent that tools weren’t enough to help people get started. Yeah, we know, pretty obvious. So, we began to compile everything we know about Own Grown into some guides and e-books designed to help people get started. We have also started working with a number of professional growers to bring insider knowledge into your home garden.


Our vision is to become an internationally recognised brand synonymous with Own Grown produce, powerful growing tips and top quality garden products.


Our mission is to help 1 million people convert to growing their own fruit, vegetable and herbs at home.

We will do this by:

Designing and sourcing top quality, durable products relevant to ‘Own Growners’

To accomplish this, we work with industrial designers and accredited production facilities around the world to produce only the highest quality products.

Developing outstanding content that provides simple, practical information on how to grow your own.

Being avid Own Growners ourselves, there’s quite a bit we can add already, but for the really deep insights we provide value by seeking out experts to work with our brand to create valuable niche content.


LifeWell LifeTime Quality

We do not rest at finding and designing well made products that look great and function as expected out of the box. We seek products that will work just as they should for the entire lifetime of use. Nothing is ever perfect, but we fundamentally believe this value, and strive towards it. In support, our customers enjoy the LifeWell LifeTime Warranty on all products. This Warranty starts the moment they leave our storage facility. If any products arrive defective, regardless of why, we will replace it immediately. A new product will be on its way within 24hrs, 365 days per year. Within the lifetime of a product’s use, should the product break and become unusable, we will provide a replacement at no cost to the customer.

LifeWell LifeTime Service

Growing your own produce isn’t a one-time thing. Not only can you do it all year round, but year after year. And year after year, you will most likely want to grow different produce. And we want to be here for you when you do – so we encourage customers to join our LifeClub to get life time insights and ongoing benefits.

LifeWell LifeCycle

To deliver on our Vision and Mission while at the same time producing products that are great value for money, we seek to optimise all elements of our product lifecycle.  This means that we seek partners who will support our philosophy and service levels.

Our production partners should have, as part of their DNA, a laser focus on quality and the robust processes necessary to produce products at the highest levels of accuracy. Our retail partners will be fully customer-centric enabling both great service as well as an active feedback mechanism whereby we can continue to improve our products year after year. This is hwy we choose Amazon as the retail partner for our tools.