If you are looking for a saw that is truly multi-purpose, cuts both green and dry wood, bone or plastic, then you are in the right place!  The LifeWell 7″ Folding Pruning Hand Saw is your perfect choice for maintaining your garden as it has been designed to create beautiful cuts with ease, saving you time while leaving your tress healthy and well maintained.

UPC: 602573081402

As you search for your must-have gardening tools, the LifeWell Folding Hand Saw is the ultimate folding saw from the company trusted by thousands of garden enthusiasts! This is a fundamental tool in addressing your cutting needs as it allows you to easily cut smaller branches and limbs. It is ergonomically designed to give you comfort and can withstand the test of time.

We always put your comfort and safety as it has been made with ergonomically designed soft-grip handle and sharp blades for easy cutting. It also has an easy opening and blade locking mechanism for safety purposes.

Product Details:

  1. It has a RUGGED 7″ BLADE, Triple-cut razor-sharp teeth hardened to stay sharp for smooth, fast sawing. The saw cuts on the Pull-Cut style and therefore needs only little pressure because the teeth bite into the wood as it is pulled across. Almost no effort required!
  2. You will be owning a MULTI-PURPOSE utility job saw and is made of Japanes SK5 high carbon steel and coated with a hard, rust resistant finish for long lasting, smooth, trouble free service
  3. Assures your comfort with its ERGONOMIC, slip-resistant comfort grip handle. The saw is safe to use and carry, folding down to just 9.8 inches, and locks into position. Suitable for safe storage as well as convenient carrying in camping gear. It has an adjustable blade that allows you to adjust and fix the angle which means that you can select the optimum angle for you to cut safely and effortlessly.
  4. It is definitely a HIGH QUALITY PRUNING SAW  as it easily cuts up to 4″ diameter – green & dry wood, bone & plastic with lesser to almost no effort exerted. 

On top of ensuring that you will have the best quality of our LifeWell Folding Hand Saw, our loyalty and assistance is also assured as we offer a 30 Day Refund Guarantee and we provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY for this LifeWell 7.0 Folding Hand Saw for a lifetime commitment of looking after your gardening needs.


  • “These tools feel extremely durable. They’re made from solid polished aluminum and are rust-resistant, easy to clean and very strong. The metal part of each tool is built all the way into the handle, meaning that unlike other hand tools, these will not bend or snap at the neck. I also love the bright neon splash of color- meaning they’ll be easy to spot in the garden. If you’ve ever spent ages searching for a tool that you know you just laid down for a second right…here…somewhere…you’ll understand what a great feature this is!. “
    Renae Cruz - Minnesota
  • This LifeWell folding hand saw is proving itself very useful around our farm. I have put it to use to prune branches from our fruit trees; to cut limbs off smaller trees to feed it to our goats; and to trim branches from around my tree stand. The handle feels real durable.  I have tried many folding hand saws through the years and I will say that this is one of the best. Most of the others I have used had a lot thinner blade than the LifeWell. This blade is thicker and I like that because I find that a thicker blade is a safer blade. The lock on this blade is very secure. Overall, it is well designed and easy to unlock.. “
    R Gravitt - Oklahoma
  • This is just what I wanted! It is compact and easy to pack, but very sharp, efficient and strong! When folded it measures 10 inches long. When open it is 16 inches. The blade is serrated and sharp, perfect for limbing. I wanted it to keep with my camping/backpacking gear, perfect for clearing brush and branches from a campsite. This is a fabulous tool!
    Natalie Shaw - Utah
  • I love LifeWell products!!! They work just as hard as I do and have not bent or broken yet! I have a husband who is very hard on tools and even he hasn’t broke one. I will definitely look to LifeWell for my garden tools in the future! 
    Martha Rasmussen - Wisconsin
  • Living on a farm and always having to clear away fence lines to repair fences or install more this folding saw comes in handy. It tucks away nice and compact. It was light weight and easy to carry around. There are three different locking angles to reach just where you need too. the blade seems sharp and although lightweight it seems very sturdy. Felt that the locking mechanism held and had no fear of it giving away. This would be perfect for campers and scouts. Not sure about holding up to moisture yet, but the cool thing is this folding saw comes with a life time warranty!
    Joseph/Cordelia - Texas
  • You always need a hand saw to prune a branch or two and this one fits the bill. It folds for easy storage and is small enough to fit on a shelf. It cuts easy and does the job for those small scraggly branches that need a trim. It fits nicely in your hand and is comfortable to hold. And it’s a great price. I received this in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
    Mary Walker - Kansas